Sea Speak is Howth’s First and Only Storytelling Night.

Held on the Third Thursday of each month at McNeil’s Pub on Main Street in Howth (left of the Church); it is Hosted by Local Storyteller Daria Marie Walsh. Come and delight your ears!  

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Sea Speak, where the words ride waves!

You can hear the sea speak; you know that the words ride waves, how many stories have been carried for generations and centuries from shore to shore and back again. Storytelling, like the Sea, is ever changing, ebbing and flowing, evolving yet constant, stretching itself, yet always returning to shore. 

A Passion for Stories and Storytelling!

The Format for our Sea Speak Sessions includes:
          Stories from the Host, Storyteller Daria Marie Walsh
          Stories from our Monthly Featured Storyteller
                   ….and Guest Storytellers
          “Letters” section – From the Project:
                   ‘Letters from a distant time, sent by the Other Tribe’
          A Theme to play with
          …..and Open Mic

The Next Sea Speak 

Sea Speak Storytelling Special November Session
in Memory of the Late John J. Baran Jr.
and In-Aid of HIGH HOPES Helping Dublin's Homeless

We will meet the 3rd Thursday
16th November 2017, 8pm-10pm
at McNeill's of Howth Pub (the snug by the fireplace) 
19 Main St. Howth
(next to The Top House) (across the street from the Church)
Get to us via the DART, #31 Bus, car or walk.

The theme's for this month are "A Thanksgiving Tradition" 
and "A Story for My Supper". John is the Late Father of Host-Storyteller Daria, he was an Advocate and Activist against Food Poverty forming with his Wife, Daria's Mother Alice, their Church's first Social Concerns Committee. One of the Committee's primary goals was to tackle Food Poverty, staring with The Thanksgiving Food Baskets. Funds were raised, donations sought and an army of volunteers brought together every year to collect, pack and deliver each and every one of these special Food Baskets in time before Wednesday, to ensure that Families in need not only had their Thanksgiving Food, but had the time to prepare the meal which is an American Tradition. 

While Thanksgiving is not a holiday here in Ireland, you'll find that it is celebrated here by a small group. Food Poverty, a Hunger Crisis, a Housing Crisis and a Homeless Crisis are real issues facing Ireland today. Here in the Capital these issues are getting worse by the day. To Honour all the Work John, who died earlier this year, did to stop Food Poverty in this month of Thanksgiving we decided to 'Tell Our Stories for Others Supper'. We have chosen a wonderful group of Volunteers close to home - HIGH HOPES Helping Dublin's Homeless, led by Liz Webster. Thanks to donations they secure food, makes dinners,and go out on the Dublin streets twice a week, setting up a table and feeding the needy. We ask you to Join Us in Raising Funds on Thursday 19th November at McNeil's Pub. 

Previous Sea Speak Sessions

Sea Speak Storytelling - October Session - "Dark Night Tales"

We will meet on the 3rd Thursday, 19th October 2017, 8pm-10pm atMcNeill's of Howth Pub (the snug by the fireplace) 
(formerly Kruger's, next to The Top House)
19 Main St. Howth (across the street from the Church)
Get to us via the DART, #31 Bus, car or walk.

As the nights drawn in and the dead leaves circle in the air, we gather to share Stories of the Dark Night; Samhain, Halloween and the strange happenings abound as the veil between the two worlds drifts ever thinner.

Traditional Storytellng is who we are.
But listening to the Sea Speak, we also love to have our ears filled with Readings of New Pieces, Poetry and Music. 

We are a Community Arts Group.
Bring a Friend and a Story, make new friends through sharing and listening to the Stories in the air. 
Open Door - Open Mic-style - Free-In All WELCOME, New and Old 


Sea Speak Storytelling is delighted to be returning!

We will meet, as usual, on the 3rd Thursday of the month
21st September 2017
7pm-9pm at McNeil's Pub (the snug by the fireplace)
McNeill's of Howth, Main St. Howth
(across the street from the Church)

As serendipity would have it, we re-meet on World Gratitude Day, which seems just perfect to us. We would just love to fill the world with LOVE and POSITIVITY. Let's send out words of healing and power, like waves acoss the oceans!
We found a lovely little link to their FaceBook Page:

Gratitude will be the theme for Septembers Session.
Come along and Share Your Stories!
Traditional Storytellng is,of course our main focus,
but listening to the Sea Speak, we also love to have our ears filled with Readings of New Pieces and Poetry.

So, come, share your Words and Listen to Others!
Open Door - Open Mic - All WELCOME, New and Old.

Tell a Friend and Hope to See You There!


“Make Love Not War” 16th February 2017 - 8pm McNeils Pub Main Street, Howth
Sea Speak Storytelling wants to lift your spirits and invite you to engage in a Word-Cocoon, a night of Storytelling and Poetry to escape from the barrage of menacing news to the uplifting theme of “Make Love, not war”, as well as recharging those batteries and refreshing the spirit for all those in The Resistance.

Telling Stories of Love's triumph over War
All the ways we love each other
Young Love's dream 
Love Tokens - we Invite YOU to bring along something that has a beautiful story of Love attached to it.  We'd love to Hear about it.
........and more

A hearty plate of Storytelling, served up with a scrumptious side dish of Poetry, all on the theme of - "Make LOVE, not war"

Come for Storytelling, Poetry, Words-a-plenty, the craic and Open Mic.

Third Thursday 16th FEB 2017 8pm-10pm, McNeil's Pub, Howth

"The Eve of Destruction"

Thursday 19th at 8pm till 10pm or whenever! McNeil's Pub, Main Street
We meet on this night, Thursday 19th, to bring our Words -
Stories, Poems, Songs - to ponder upon the eve of destruction

Come, all you Word Warriors, to our Open Mic Night.
Come, all you who wish to hear and engage.
For there can be no Resistance, no Rebellion, no Revolution
...........without WORDS!

No doubt, there will be an overload of Stories to share, everything from where we are to where we've been to where we might end up. Poems on every relevant subject in between and discussion to clear our head and charge our hearts.
......and Hope, yes, Hope, in keeping with the constant spirit Sea Speak Storytelling has established, ever present in the darkest night is the single Shining Star and we shall gaze at her beauty!

As always, FREE-IN and OPEN MIC

" Once Upon a Time"

Sea Speak Storytelling presents our November Session
Thursday 17th at 8pm till 10pm or whenever! McNeil's Pub, Main St.

This month theme, "Once Upon a Time........."

Bring us your "Once Upon a Time's", the Stories of how it used to be, any subject, any timeline, your choice. And we'll bring ours.

This has been a ground shaking week and words are power, they heal us, they transport us, they empower us. So, this month, we open our mouths wide with expression, to Tell more than Stories. This month we bring Stories, Poetry, Spoken Word, however you move through your words....bring them, share and we'll listen.

As always, FREE-IN and OPEN MIC

"The Ghosts in our Trees"

Thursday 20th October from 8pm-10pm at McNeil's Pub on Main St. in Howth. 

As the night closes in and Autumn reaches it's end, we prepare for Samhain, Hallowe'en, and the coming of Winter. We meet to share the Stories of the eerie the Gothic Forest and what lurks there. 

Free-In and Open Mic, we hope you'll join us and bring your Stories for sharing and ears for Listening.

Find McNeil's Pub on Main Street Howth by:
DART, Bus, Foot - or a combination of all three

Thursday 15th May 9pm

Sea Speak Storytelling is all about Story Swapping and letting our Stories help in the
Mental Health Renaissance!

Come along and listen to and share Stories!

The month of May is one rife with memories and symbolism and other things that lend to
wonderful Storie

Importantly, it is also a month marked to the attention of Mental Health. Mental Health
issues, maintaining good mental health and helping each other out by lending an ear to

I believe that Storytelling, sharing Stories, chats, just taking some time out to turn off the
machines and be with each other can genuinely change lives, communities and bring
goodness into our lives and world. 

.....more details, and surprises, to come!

As always, Sea Speak is a FREE-IN EVENT.

Sea Speak Storytelling is proud to present

A Very Special March Show

We start with our Featured Storyteller
The Magnificent - Mr. Brendan Nolan

You will remeber Brendan helped us Launch Sea Speak back in January.

Thursday the 21st is The Spring Equinox,
a tremendously sacred and positive time.

We Celebrate the perfect balance of Life and the Coming of the Light
which the Spring Equinox Heralds. Light-Life-Positive-New Beginings

On the Eve of Daffodil Day, Sea Speak is holding a Special
Fundraiser to Benefit The Irish Cancer Society!
As I'll be Storytelling at The Irish Red Head Convention, in Cork,
this summer, and that event Aids The Irish Cancer Society, we
thought it perfect to bring the two together.

We'll have a Special StoryTube to house your wonderful Donations.

AND...ALL Proceeds from the sales of my Storytelling CD,
"The Wonderful Adventures of Lorcan the Lamb and His
Wooly Coat"- Part 1 Meet Lorcan the Lamb go to this wonderful cause.

Not to mention our regular bag of unexpected joys,
which is of course, The Open Mic!

And, we are hoping there will be a few Letters from the Diaspora in
our basket to read out to everyone. Please do not forget to send us

As always, Sea Speak is a FREE-IN EVENT.

......and THERE'S MORE!!!! Yes, that's right, this space

21st February 2013:
"In Celebration of RED!"

February Storytelling revolved all around the FABULOUS, 
FANTASTIC, FOXY colour of Red.

Hosted by Proud Red Head and Storyteller, Daria Marie Walsh

The Featured Storyteller was the sublime Joe Govan!
Check out 

Also on-board this month, The first:
“Letters from a distant time; words that rode waves,
sent by the other tribe.”

Many came and some even braved the open mic.

Here are some Photos of the event:

The Launch!
Sea Speak was launched on Thursday 31st January 2013. Bracing cold winds whipped up the hill from the Sea below, as Storytellers and Listeners and Lovers of Words greeted each other at Kruger’s Pub on Main Street. Shaking off the cold, they made their way to the Bar for drinks and down the steps to choose a seat near the cosy, warm fire.  

…..and the Stories began

The Launch of Sea Speak was a Celebration of Stories and Storytelling; of all the different ways in which to tell a Story and the variety of Stories available to feast upon.

Sea Speak was launched by Storytellers Brendan Nolan, Daria Marie Walsh, Paul Tubb, The Oh-Aissieux, and Catherine Brophy (pictured below, in that order)

Sea Speak